About the programme

Tushiyah was commissioned by SASOL, in partnership with the Govan Mbeki Municipality, to design and implement a Youth Entrepreneurship programme that would contribute to addressing youth unemployment in the area. The programme that was implemented had two streams; youth wanting to start a business (Starting businesses) and youth who are already in business (existing businesses). The programme equipped the youth with: Entrepreneurial & Business Management Skills, coaching and Workplace exposure within the business environment.

What Tushiyah did

Tushiyah was involved from the initial planning of the programme, where government stakeholders and the community were engaged on advertising the programme for registration and selection of candidates to participate in the SSYIB. Tushiyah conducted an on-boarding session for both the starting and existing business entrepreneurs to introduce the programme as well as highlight, the process going forward and get their pledge of commitment to the programme.

Tushiyah developed an entrepreneurial development programme for the starting business entrepreneurs which included personal productivity, business and life skills workshops. Host companies were identified where each of the starting business entrepreneurs could be placed for exposure. The programme also included business link events, practical activities, one-on-one and group coaching session.

Existing business were visited at their premises/area of operation, a thorough business diagnostic was conducted, and interventions were defined and implemented. Tushiyah together with other stakeholders developed a business support programme where SMME’s were given necessary business management training, assistance with access to markets, coaching and mentoring.

A conclusive report was conducted on each business with recommendation for further interventions by business owners.

What was the outcome?

Start business entrepreneurs
After having envisioned for 20 starting and 10 existing businesses to participate, 24 starting and 18 existing businesses were taken into the programme.
Through the support mechanism within the programme: each of the starting business entrepreneurs walked out of the programme with a standard business plan. 5 starting business were operational and their business formally registered with company intellectual property commission.

Some of the starting business entrepreneurs have, through the business exposure element, seen the need to do some sort of apprenticeship to help them acquire technical and business skills.

Existing businesses
  • 4 Existing businesses have been identified by funding agencies for possible funding
  • 2 managed to double turnover over the duration of the program
  • 3 have secured contracts to provide services for SASOL.
SMME’s indicated that valuable knowledge, exposure and networking opportunities were gained through the course of the programme.




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