About the programme

Why was this programme implented?

Community members in the labour sending areas lacked skills which meant they were not even able to produce business plans to get them started. RBP also wished to render host communities sustainable; support retrenched (or soon-to-be retrenched) mine workers, and ex-miners to gain other skills and engage business activities over and above exploring avenues of employment. 

Tushiyah achieved success for 35 community entrepreneurs by executing a Mining Qualification Authority programme in Rustenburg during 2022. We achieved this by implementing a programme for a mining partner in Rustenburg, thus securing the role of implementation partner to the Sezela Training Academy. 

What Tushiyah did

Tushiyah’s programme approach included the following action:

To get started, the group of entrepreneurs needed to grow their understanding and skills to write business plans - so the basics had to be addressed first. They then received guidance to help them identify go-to market opportunities while getting to understand the dynamics of operational roles and responsibilities and high-level intra-accountability frameworks. This preparation was with a view to becoming trade-ready in community relevant vocations.

Tushiyah facilitated a successful experiential learning programme, and four SETA-accredited facilitators conducted the online sessions. The learning programme involved a broad spectrum of training and coaching and included tools, courses and assessments:

• The programme provided each of the participants with ICT equipment.

• Individual Gap Assessments were conducted.

• The team developed a formal SETA Accredited Skills programme at NQF level 4 (41 Credits) to address the skills gaps of the participants holistically. The course topics/modules included in the programme were to:

  • Apply basic computer technology. o Research the viability of new venture ideas/opportunities
  • Apply innovative thinking to the development of a small business.
  • Produce business plans for a new venture.
  • Apply the principles of costing and pricing to a business venture.
  • Implement an action plan for a new venture.
  • Manage general administration.
  • Finance a new venture.

• Cohort 1 Online Training Programme: In person Check-in and Coaching

• Cohort 2 Online Training Programme: In person Check-in and Coaching

• Support was provided to the participants in their Portfolio of Evidence (POE) Finalization: Coaching Support with the completion and correcting of POEs

• Participant presentation of Business Model Canvas • Attendance Certification • SETA Certification

What was the outcome?

Some of the outcomes achieved following the culmination of this programme include:

• The ICT equipment was provided with the condition that it needed to be retrieved after completion of the programme to enable participation in virtual sessions. In the process participants gained computer skills and access to online resources.

• The GAP Assessments done was for start-up businesses, determining the design of the training and development programme.

• The Online Training Sessions for the two cohorts were used to capacitate the businesses, as well as assist with immediate challenges facing the host community entrepreneurs.

• The businesses now have a formal strategy and implementation plan. This will guide the business owners and keep them focused on their approach.

• There is now a formal prospecting process which is qualified and quality-based in the business.

• Implementation support and process reviews served to provide very practical feedback and next steps recommendations for the relationship with prospective customers.

• A content library for use across marketing collateral is now in use by participating businesses. This is inclusive of website design and proposal writing.


The businesses now have formal strategies and implementation plans with formal prospecting processes. Showcasing their businesses is also within reach as they have access to a content library to create marketing collateral material such as websites and proposal writing.

Overall, the participants reported very positive growth experiences that are indicative of improved understanding; but importantly, it shows a good grasp of essential business principles and the capacity to successfully grow their businesses. Additionally, all respondents found the programme highly valuable and would recommend it to others.





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