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May 2024


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Tushiyah Advisory Services have partnered with various corporate organizations to assist and implement a streamlined procurement process. Please note that the following business bulletins are not PURCHASE ORDERS nor are they LETTERS OF APPOINTMENT. They are REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS or REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. All potential applicants should read and follow the instructions on the individual business bulletin before responding to it. Please also submit all relating supporting documents aligned to the request.

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 Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Our Exchange Village is now LIVE!

Exchange Village is a meeting space with a difference. It is a place where SMEs can exchange ideas and questions on our forums. You can find opportuni...

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 Monday, 28 August 2023


CALLING ALL CORPORATES!! Be part of the change by sponsoring SMME Entrepreneurs with Tushiyah‘s BACKaBUSINESS Coupons, which provide hassle-free...

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 Monday, 5 February 2024

Business Management Skills Development training

Register now for a variety of Topics in our Business Management Skills suite of training courses. Refer to our Training page for details on courses an...

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